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Tautas rogainings, Garkalne

Sun. 30.09.2012.

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 Organisation: IK Auseklis and SAA Magnēts

 Event director: Gints Pētersons 


Phone no: +371 26335549



 Course planner: Gints Pētersons


Marathon - 42km course (time limit 8 h);

Half-marathon - 21km course (time limit 8 h);

Rogaining 4 and 8 hours

Children Hike is organised for 4 to 12 years old kids. The approximate duration of the hike will be 4 hours and its length will be around 8km. Different tasks and challenges as well as control picking will be included. A picnic is also planned during the hike. Parents are requested to take care of lunch packages for their children themselves. The children hike is specially intended for kids whose parents are competing in the competitions but children who want to participate together with their parents are also welcome.

Children Hike is supported by:



Registration from 8:00 (please arrive on time), teams will receive their number bibs, control descriptions, waterproof map bag and food tickets.

Maps will be given to to teams for planning the rogaine courses at 8:45.

Marathon and half-marathon runners will receive their maps at 9:00.

Preparation for Childrens Hike from 9:00. 

Start at 9:30.

Finish: for 4 h until 13:30, for 8h, halfmarathon and marathon until 17:30

Prize giving: 4 h and half-marathon from 14:00 to 14:30,

8 h and marathon from 18:00 to 18:30

 Location: Riga region, Garkalne municipality.

 Competition classes:

·         Marathon: Individual

  • MA (open) men all ages
  • WA (open) women all ages;

·         Rogaining: Teams from 2 to 3 people.

4 h rogaining

  • M (open) men all ages;
  • W (open) women all ages;
  • X (open) women and men all ages;
  • G4 (families) – family members, for example father and son.

8 h rogaining

  •  MJ (boys juniors) boys from 14 to 18 years old;
  • WJ (girls juniors) girls from 14 to 18 years old;
  • XJ (mixed juniors) mixed from 14 to 18 years old;
  • MO (men open) men all ages;
  • WO (women open) women all ages;
  • XO (mixed open) men and women all ages;
  • MV (men seniors) men over 40 years;
  • WV (women seniors) women over 40 years;
  • XV (mixed seniors) men and women over 40 years;
  • MSV (men seniors) men over 55 years;
  • WSV (women seniors) women over 55 years;
  • XSV (mixed seniors) men and women over 55 years;
  • G8 (families) – family members, for example father and son.

Age of competitors is defined as of 30.09.2012. Competitors younger than 14 years can take part in the competition only with written permission of their parents. Competitors themselves are responsible for their health during the competition.


Entries until 28.09.2012. online or at competitions Magnets. 
For your entry to be accepted you have to pay the entry fee by transfering it to our account before the end of the entry deadline. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your entry is accepted.

 Entry fees:

Entry deadline until 28.09.2012:

youth (up to 18 years old) and retired people – 6.00 EUR

others - 12.00 EUR

Marathon and half marathon:

youth (up to 18 years old) and retired people – 6.00 EUR

others - 12.00 EUR

SPORTIdent SI 5: 1 EUR

SPORTIdent SI 6, SI 9 rent: 2 EUR (each participant in a team must use their own SI card).

Childrens Hike is for free for kids whose parents participate in competitions. Others pay 4 EUR entry fee.

 Bank account details:

Sporta un atpūtas apvienība "Magnēts"

Reg. No.40008078419

Address: Fazānu iela 5, Garkalnes pagasts, Sunīsi LV-2137, Latvia

Bank: AS Swedbanka


IBAN: LV88HABA0551028473074

 Punching system:

SPORTIdent punching system will be used. Each of the team members must have their own SI card. Those starting in 4h Rogaine or 21km Half Marathon can use SI-5, SI-6, SI-8, SI-9 cards. Those starting in 8h Rogaine or 42km Marathon must use SI-6 or SI-9 cards.

Each participants SI card will be attached to their wrist with a special wristband. Team is disqualified if the wristband is broken during the competitions. Wristband is removed by the organisers after the team has finished.

 Terrain description:

Sand dunes. Mainly pine tree forest. Maltuve high marsh and floodplains of Krievupīte river.



Photos from the terrain can be found here:


For rogaine competitions there will be control points with values from 3 to 8 points. The first digit of the control point number shows the value of control point (for example CP 37- 3 points, CP 57- 5 points). For every extra minute over the 4h or 8h time limit 2 points will be deducted.

Participants in Marathon and Half Marathon must visit the controls in the given order.

There will be 3 drinking points in the competition area (organizers will provide EVEREST drinking water in each of the drinking points and ISOSTAR sports drink in one of them). Drinking points will be marked in the maps with a red dot and a symbol of glass. 


 Technical information:

Teams must follow the rogaining rules issued by Latvian Orienteering Federation. There shall be no bigger distance than 20 metres between participants of one team during the course or at the control points. Teams that will not follow this rule will be disqualified. The whole team must punch at a control within one minute for the control to be counted. Number bib must be used during the competitions.  Any other maps than the one provided by the organisers are forbidden. Food is provided to all runners after finish. 3 drinking points will be provided in the middle of the course. Their locations will be marked on the map. Teams are allowed to return to the event centre during the competition to relax, eat or change clothing. During the course it is strictly fobidden to cross gardens, plantations or crops. Please avoid any conflict with private property owners! Dangerous places: river Krievupe, flooded ditches as well as there might be loose dogs by the rural houses. Please also respect traffic regulations when crossing roads!

There will be live GPS tracking for the event. Organisers will choose 10 teams participating in 8h rogaining who will be given a GPS tracking device. Other participants will have a possibility to rent GPS trackers for 3.00 LVL.



Cafe, childminding and sports shop will be available at the event centre.

 Price giving:
First three teams or runners in each class will receive prizes. Special prizes for the youngest and oldest runner.



All participants will take part in a lottery, that will take place after prize-giving ceremony. Prizes from Garmin.

 Accommodation options: 4 star hotel 10 min from event centre

On the floor at IK Auseklis clubhouse. Please contact organizers about this option.

 Visual information:

Folks Rogaine 2011:

Childrens hike at Folks Rogaine 2011:

Photos (Author: Ainārs Gailis):

More photos:





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